I was a painter & illustrator. I went to Columbia College to pursue Graphic Design, Fine Arts, & Film photography for 2 years. Though the process, I found out that I wanted to do more. I picked up a video camera at 20 years old and found another passion. Following skateboarders for a few years on the road, in the streets and indulged in the culture, I developed a taste for style in film.

Following this realization, I continued to expand into music culture, fashion, and story. Applying to Tribeca Flashpoint College to learn more technical skills, I was granted a small scholarship and went back to gain a degree. Being at a film school, I had access to higher quality tools and would skip class to go shoot and develop my skills. This is where I truly realized that this is what I live for.

After receiving my associates degree with a concentration on cinematography, I began to buiId a name for myself as “Yakub Films”. Working with artists like Chance the Rapper, Good Charlotte, Saba, Joey Purp & many more, I have found a solid vision and aesthetic that is universal to unlimited amount of content creation.

As a director, DP, editor and content creator I have worked with brands like Lollapalooza, HBO, Trap Karaoke, Corona, Converse, Jordan brand and several others.

I am the next generation of content creation.




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